2 dıalects 1 harmony

                Creative Mood  (2016)


A failed actor decides to follow the footsteps of great Cahangir Novruzov to progress in his career. We are dragged with him into an unexpected journey, meeting many great artists, which help him to reach the ‘Creative Mood’ of Stanislavski, the holly grail of any performing artist. The film is a themed documentary, which takes the audience to a journey. In the mind of the author and through the eyes of the traveler, we meet many great Azarbaijani & Turkish artists explaining their views of art. All the points converge and we reach a comprehensive Biography of Mr. Cahangir Novzourov and get to know a family dedicated to art since generations.

Dırected & producer  :NaJIBA Abbasova

wrıter  :  Hüseyin Eken


Melahat Abbasova  ; Ramiz Novruz ; Cahangir Novruzov ; Ramiz Malik Aslanov ; Muzaffer H. Kirikkalp ; Onur Dilber Faruk Teber ; Israfil Israfilov ; Elnare Novruzova ; Islam Manafov  ; Azerpasha Nemetov ; Ferid Adiguzelzade ; Togrul Ganiyev ; Nezrin Novruzova ; Hüseyin Inan Bicer ; Ismail Dikilitas ; Farhad Badalbeyli  ; Gülnare Abdullayeva, Azerin ; Teymur Rzayev ; Ali Herischi ; Akif Ali
Traveler  : Emre Ozmen ;
Candidate Player  : Gülgökçe Korkmaz ;

Musıc by

Archil Veltauri

Fılm Edıtıng by

Galip Calayir

Specıal Effects by

Deniz Agca


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Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz, Figueira Film Art, 2016
Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz, Figueira Film Art, 2016



“2 Dil 1Armoni” ,  Figuera Film Art Festivali-Portekiz’de 2 Eylül 2016 Cuma Günü Saat 14:00’da, Centro de Artes e Espectáculos Pequeno Auditório’da gösterimi yapıldı.


Craft in Focus Festival’den aldığımız resmi mektuptan;

Your films took us around the globe in beautifully touching stories on special people, urgent matters and unknown traditions. They also highlighted various forms of art or architecture. We enjoyed watching your films, they enriched our lives.

We wish you all the best of success with your film and hope to be receiving your future productions on master craftsmanship.

Roswitha Eshuis
Craft in Focus Festival – Filmresearch